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Our List of Partners

All the Major Players (and More)



One of the leading companies in garage equipment industy, and Europe’s top manufacturer’s for tire & test equipment. Established in 1958 as a manufacturer or repair shop equipment Ravaglioli has continued to develop all aspects of vehicle lifting. The over 350,000 lifts, of the "two-post" type alone, sold throughout the world, attest to our standard of specialisation and the lead role we play in the industry. The vehicle testing sector is the result of Rav's strong commitment and tremendous success over recent years.


JA Becker & Söhne

For more than 120 years JA Becker & Sohne has offered its customers state-of-the-art problem solutions for compressed air & lifting technologies. The focus of the lifting technology product area is on hydraulic repair and maintenance lifting platforms for cars, trucks and rail vehicles as well as on the development of individual problem solutions. Parallel to the development of the lifting platforms, the design and manufacture of compressors took place. Today, the range extends from small handyman compressors to industrial compressors, for example, for driving electrical high-voltage switches or for filling breathing air cylinders for diving and disaster services. In recent years, JAB has specialized in particular in high-pressure compressors for nitrogen compression and for vehicle refueling in natural gas tank systems.


PKS Lifts

With 50 years of collective experience in the lift industry, PKS has built a reputation in manufacturing Heavy Duty Lifts. PKS is a leader in lift innovation and maintains a competitive edge by utilizing the latest technologies in lift automation controls and hydraulic fluid power. PKS is known for our quality workmanship, excellent customer service and our ability to design or customize any lift.  PKS Equipment & Engineering utilizes leading edge CAD design systems to simulate their lift’s operation while still in the design state. Their products are tested under numerous temperature, pressure and structural stress conditions using current scientific methods ensuring quality and consistency throughout their product line.



BendPak originated in 1965 as a dedicated small tubing company that evolved into one of the premier car lift manufacturers in the world. Ensuring each and everyautomotive lift or piece of shop equipment is made to exacting standards. They have three research and development facilities dedicated to advancing the boundaries of automotive service lifts and parking technology.



Nussbaum is one of the worlds largest lift manufacturers in the world and offers a broad portfolio of automotive lifts for vehicles up to 80 tons. This vision began 75 years ago with their creator Otto Nussbaum in Kehl, Germany, and for more than 35 years Nussbaum has been delivering automotive lifts to the United States. Their product line has evolved over the years as have the needs of the Marketplace. Innovation and a willing responsiveness to changing  market needs has allowed Nussbaum to develop a highly customizable product line that can be tailored for optimal solutions to suit your ever changing needs.



OMER is the #1 solution in elevation!  OMER provides innovative, safe, and robust designs for light-duty vehicle lifts, heavy-duty vehicle lifts, and parking systems. Their ALI Certified product portfolio includes one of the largest varieties of HD platform lifts, alignment racks, and scissor-style specialty lifts available in the North American market. OMER also specializes in parking systems and car elevators while boasting an expansive catalogue. From simple car-park stackers to more complex and automated parking systems, our highly customizable and reliable parking portfolio is perfect for any project or automotive enthusiasts’ garage.


Challenger Lifts

At Challenger, we’re not just lifting vehicles, we’re raising an entire industry. To meet the ever-advancing needs of our customers, we’ve remained dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing the most advanced technological auto hoisting products in the industry. Our comprehensive line of automotive lifts represents decades of commitment to finding inspired lifting solutions. We aim to increase your shop’s efficiency, maintain safety and enhance your revenue potential. We strive daily for long-term customer satisfaction. Each of our lifts represents the pride and quality of a caring team of individuals, pulling together to manufacture and market the finest hoists in the world.


Quality Lifts

Founded on expansive industry knowledge and experience, we at Quality Lifts are passionate about supplying entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with top of the line products at an affordable price! You don't need to choose between asymmetrical or symmetrical lifting because this lift can do it all from one bay. Lift cars or trucks with 3-stage front arms and 2-stage rear arms, offering a wide variety of lifting points. It comes standard with rubber door guards, overhead shutoff switch, and a black powder-coat finish.


Mohawk Lifts

Mohawk is the most trusted name in Heavy Duty and Custom Lifting Solutions. The largest aerospace and defense, manufacturing, production, and industrial operations in the world trust Mohawk to design, build, and deliver the safest, most reliable, and longest-lasting HD Custom Lift Solutions available. From Mongolia and Korea to Tierra Del Fuego and beyond, our team develops trusted and innovative solutions to global lifting challenges. Below are just a few pictures of our Custom Lifting Solutions. For more information, or to speak with one of our Custom Lifting Solutions experts, please fill out the form here, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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